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Supporting women on the Central Coast
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About our Missions

The women involved in Women on a Mission pull together to fulfill whatever mission come our way. We have several missions already in planning, whilst others will crop up day to day. Essentially, there are three categories of misions that our lovely, dedicated women are ready to help with:

Missions requested by other charities and organisations on the Central Coast 
They may be serving at our local homeless shelter, organising food donations for a charity food hamper service, co-ordinating a clothing drive for a women's shelter, visiting womens refuges to teach basic living skills or a number of any other support that organisations may need.

Missions set by us
If we see a need, we will set ourselves a Mission to help. It may be working together to lend a hand at a charity event, visiting nursing homes to spend time with the lonely, offering a listening ear to those in hospital...where we see a need we will always do our best to meet it.

Missions resulting from women who contact us directly 
When a women in crisis contacts us, we will do everything we can to help. Whether that is to help her find the best service for her situation, to drop off an emergency food hamper, to provide her with some basic necessities, we will do what we can to help relieve her distress.

Although we are new, we are dedicated, we are willing and we are ready to help!

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